Cosvic was founded in 1995 by the idea of Fabrizio Colombo and members Stefano Maran and Gianluigi Viscardi, who exploit their decennial experience in industrial automation, giving life to an office dedicated to the engineering design and construction of special machines for assembly and testing . The Company grows, specializing itself in building plants for assembling details of electromechanical industry, and distinguishing itself in the ability to provide customized solutions and "turnkey".

In its twenty years of activity, Cosvic grows on the staff and in the potential, exploring new engineering systems and design, creating systems for industrial automation and tailored to customer requirements, products developed "ad hoc", with long- operating life and based on the specific and immediate demands of the customers it addresses.

Cosvic Srl is able to assist its own customer during the implementation of solutions that improve and render more efficient, less dispersive and more functional the industrial production cycle. The experience and the technical expertise of its staff give the Company dynamism and ability to move across the board in all the industrial automation field, knowing they can always come up with innovative and functional solutions, regardless of the technical and environmental challenges that each sector brings. In this regard, the main and best activity of the company is to develop complete automated systems, that agglomeration every facet and detail of the production line of customer Enterprises: this is done through the definition of objectives,the study of the peculiar detail in the design and quote, through continuous communication with the customer. Once defined and approved budgets and projects, Cosvic assembles machines in its HQ in Torri di Quartesolo (VI) using sample materials.

In this seat, Cosvic complete also the construction and testing.

Cosvic and his high- specialized staff will then take the final installation and assembly at the designated infrastructure, in addition to testing and the resolution of after delivery problems. Cosvic is an excellence in the design and production of modules and equipment, relying on a vast catalog and on very high levels of precision construction.

The main business characteristic, as mentioned, consists in the definition of complete plants, which are designed and studied in detail to then be realized at industrial level with extreme constructional and design precision.

Cosvic is present in a continuous and widespread way in three areas of automation industrial sector:
- Electro Industry (electronic switches and equipment, engines of small and medium-sized DC)
- Automotive (assembly and testing of the drive actuators with or without motors, filters for air conditioning systems)
- Fittings and Valve Industry (for water or gas specializing in the assembly and testing technology)

The company is also specialized in new areas, safe in the knowledge of being able to satisfy any request in the field of assembly, by optimizing the production process through the communication with the customer.