Cosvic is a company specialized in the production of automated systems, founded in 1995 by the idea of Fabrizio Colombo and members Stefano Maran and Gianluigi Viscardi.

The machines and the modules designed and developed by Cosvic are present in all the industrial sectors, ranging from electromechanical, automotive and components of vehicles, electronic and DC motors industry. From several years Cosvic is also developing into the medical sectors.

The greatest investment of Cosvic is about research and development: the ability to overcome technological constraints always using the best materials and solutions have made this company an important reality of international scenario.

In his twenty-year long activity Cosvic continues to carefully manage with every customer, responding to specific requests with customized solutions: Customer satisfaction is for us the most essential value, as well as the best and only form of self- promotion.

Cosvic Srl - Industrial Automation

Cosvic excels in the production of modules and foreground machines, known for the amplitude of catalog and for manufacturing perfection. But the pride of this factory lies in expertise on customized solutions for complete systems, designed and manufactured directly by the product industrialization.

Today Cosvic oversees three areas in particular industrial automatic system poduction:
- Electromechanical industry (particularly in the electronic equipment and switches and motors of small and medium-sized DC);
- Automotive (specialization in the assembly and testing of the drive actuators with or without motors, filters for air conditioning systems);
- Fittings industry (for water or gas, specializing in the assembly and testing technology for water or gas supplies).

While Cosvic is specializing in new sectors, deepening the construction of units and machines dedicated to special machines.
Building on twenty years of experience in developing solutions for the automation of assembly processes, Cosvic presents in its production the newest and best-developed systems.

The accuracy of the project involves every phase of production: from the idea to the construction, to the installation technique and the assistance.
The specialization achieved in this field proposes in rotary table machines and linear free pallets with high productivity.
The technology developed by Cosvic is able to satisfy any request in the field of the assembly, constantly optimizing in cooperation with the customer the production process